Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can hypnosis and NLP help me quit smoking?

Answer: Your mind works on 2 levels – the conscious and the unconscious. Your unconscious mind is in charge of your habits, which is why so many people struggle when they make the conscious decision to quit smoking.

Hypnosis and NLP are simply ways to communicate directly with your unconscious. The unconscious is the domain of your habits. Smoking tends to be an unconscious habit. So when we speak with your unconscious, we can expedite the process of quitting smoking.

We also like to refer to NLP as the study of excellence. It is the science and technology behind some of the most amazingly successful and powerful people on the planet. To name a few, Tony Robbins, Oprah, and Serena Williams all use hypnosis and NLP.

Question: Does hypnosis work for everyone? Can I be hypnotized?

Answer: Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation. While a lot of people think they can’t be hypnotized, the truth is that at least 95% of us are hypnotizable.

The pre-requisites for hypnosis are having:

  An IQ above 70

  No serious mental illnesses

Not sure if you can be hypnotized? Well, we guarantee our results! You’ll know the hypnosis worked when you become a non-smoker on the day of your session. Also, we guarantee our results. If you don’t stop smoking, we will reimburse you. So there’s no risk!

Question: I’ve tried hypnosis before and it didn’t work for me! How do I know if it will work this time?

Answer: There are many styles of hypnosis and different schools of thought. The kind of hypnosis we use leaves our clients with a 90%+ success rate. We have consistently achieved these results throughout the last 30 years. In fact, we guarantee our results! So if it doesn't work, your Quit Smoking Specialist will give you a refund.

Question: Will I lose control?

Answer: No. Don’t expect to “feel hypnotized” or be out of control. You won’t experience any feelings of floating away to Never Never Land. You have control, and you’ll be able to hear what’s going on throughout the entire session. In fact, hypnosis is the ultimate form of self-control. By doing this quit smoking session you’ll experience having more control over your body during times when, in the past, you might have felt nervous. In fact, expect to be more in touch with your body during and after the session!

Question: Will I feel or experience anything unpleasant during the hypnosis session? As much as I want to quit smoking, I don’t want to imagine something horrible in trance like truck exhaust going into my lungs!

Answer: No. While some hypnotists utilize negative imagery into the hypnosis session… that doesn’t tend to produce positive, consistent results over time. Our Quit Smoking Specialists are trained to help you feel good while you’re in hypnosis. So you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed the whole time. Any imagery used will be positive!

Question: Are there any adverse side-effects?

Answer: No. Hypnosis has been scientifically verified to work comfortably. The only side-effects you’ll feel are peace and relaxation! Other popular quit smoking remedies cannot claim this!

Question: I think smoking is too serious of a habit to quit in just 1 hypnosis session. Aren’t cigarettes addictive?

Answer: Change happens at the unconscious level and it happens in an instant. Once you make the decision to quit, you have already taken the hardest step.

Cigarettes aren’t addictive the way most people think they are. Whether cigarettes are addictive or not, we can tell you that you won’t feel addicted to cigarettes during or after your session. Your body won’t crave them. That’s because our Quit Smoking Specialists will show you other ways you can give your body the positive benefits that you used to receive from smoking.

In fact, many people quit smoking by simply listening to a hypnosis CD on quitting smoking! Yes, we’ve had serious ‘2 pack a day’ smokers quit with our CD’s.

However, most people need extra support. Studies show that of those who try to quit smoking alone without any additional help or support (hypnosis, NLP or otherwise), have a very low success rate: 2-5% of those who try are successful after 12 months, with most failing in the first 2-3 weeks.

Again, we guarantee our results. While it might feel like it’s impossible to quit… like we said, change happens unconsciously, and it happens in an instant. Hypnosis and NLP will help your conscious mind catch up with your unconscious decision to quit.

Question: Will it be hard after the hypnosis session?

Answer: When you work with one of our Quit Smoking Specialists, you’ll experience that you don’t have any cravings that you must overcome by willpower. This is true during and after the session.

You’ll feel no cravings, you won’t gain weight, and you won’t feel jittery or nervous. Expect to feel more peaceful, relaxed, and healthier than you’ve felt for a long time!

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